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Looking for an opportunity to help your young or new swimmer? We have some great instructors with steady and reliable personalities right here at the Elks Pool. Whether your child is brand new to the water or is looking to get faster, our staff is fully prepared, professional and efficient.


Contact the coaches directly and see if there's a good fit!


Madison Larter is a senior at Boulder High School this fall. She has taught private swim lessons and helped coach larger swim clinics for kids aged 3-15 since 2018. She loves being in the pool, and has swum competitively for BEST since she was 6 years old and for her high school swim team last year. 

Madison will be available Tuesday/Thursday, 11am - Noon. And on Sundays, 1230pm - 130pm. Additional sessions may be available.


Contact info:

Madison Larter

303-652-7460 (can text or call)

Austin Vinton grew up in a swimming family, and swam IM and middle distance until college, where he quit swimming to pursue bike racing. After 5 years of racing at a high level, Austin was drawn back to the water, where he pursued open water swimming. With a focus on technique and strength, Austin enjoys helping swimmers master the sport.

Austin will be available Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 1010am - 1115am. Additional sessions may be available.

Contact info:

Austin Vinton