you need the water and the water needs you...


Thanks for choosing the Boulder Elks Pool & Patio as a source of your swimming and aquatic exercise needs. We are pleased to offer a variety of swim related activities for adults and kids alike during this highly unusual time in all of our lives.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following pieces of our protocols and policies regarding specific reservations. In doing so, you help us provide the swim community with a better, safer and more enjoyable experience at the pool.

Thanks! And here's to an amazing swim at the Boulder Elks Pool & Patio!

Reservations can be made for an entire month at one time. Once our schedule opens, it opens for the month. No need to rush in the morning in an effort to get some time in the water the next day.

You control your reservations, rescheduling and cancellation of your reservations.

Do not email, text or call the Elks Pool and ask

us to do it. Just click the arrow next to your name in the log-in bar located in the header.

Two members from the same household may currently share a lane together. There is no additional cost for this. Please give us the Name and Age of the second swimmer in the lane at registration.

 Over the course of the Fall and Winter, signage, directional flow of traffic and swimmer staging will change. Please follow the instructions given to you by our staff to remain safe and happy at the pool. Everything we ask you to do is for a reason.

Boulder Elks Swim Team members and parents may reserve any activity at a price of $10. But they can only do so using an Elks Cash package. The same is true for actual Boulder Elks Lodge #566 Members as well. Come and swim, it's your pool!

If you purchase a package and use it for anything, those reservations can be cancelled or rescheduled seamlessly. They simply return to your package to be used at a later date. This is by far the best and least expensive way to utilize our system.

In the event that the pool has to close due to mechanical issues or severe weather, individuals with reservations held on that day will either receive a coupon to be used for any swim activity in the future, or have their swim returned to their reservation package.

There are no cash refunds for swims affected by weather or pool chemistry issues.



If you're going to be swimming at the Elks this year, you should really consider purchasing

a swim package.

Packages save you money and time. They also eliminate the hassles of cancellations and refunds. Take a look here at what package suits your frequency, activity and needs.



  • Lap Swimming for Our Friends on the Frontline


    1 hr

  • For those of you who went inside to swim, welcome back...

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

    1 hr

    14 US dollars
  • Run, Forrest, Run!

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

    1 hr

    10 US dollars
  • It's time to get back into the water! Your swim season starts now...

    Started Apr 6

    300 US dollars

you can be safe and confident in your environment if you follow our


we know how to keep ourselves and our swimmers safe

- It is best to arrive just a minute or two prior to your scheduled time

- Please line-up in the staging area on the sidewalk, north of the entry stairs

- The staging area is clearly marked, lining up in a 6, 4, 2, 1, 3, 5 configuration

- After being briefed, checked in and having your temperature taken, enter the pool with a staff member

- Maintain social distancing as you enter the pool and move across the pool deck 

- Once at your lane, Soft Goods go on chairs or bins, Hard Goods on the deck

- Enter the water at your convenience

- Pool staff will start a running clock and inform you how long the swim is

- You may always leave early if necessary

- Lap Swimming is for Lap Swimming, nothing else

- Young children must swim with adult supervision

- Lap Swimming is not for families

- A maximum of two household members may be in a lane together

3975 28th Street
Boulder  CO  80301
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Pool & Patio Manager
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