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Rules and Regulations

When you reserve a lane at the Boulder Elks Pool, you are securing the safest swim you can take in Boulder.

Reservations are for a particular lane at a given Lap Swim time. You won't find anyone else swimming with you, and you won't ever have to share your time in the water with someone you don't know.

Some general protocols and procedures at the pool are as follows:

Please arrive for your swim no more than 10 minutes prior to your scheduled swim.
Upon arrival, please enter the pool and follow the signage to your designated entry side of the pool and assigned lane. It would be great if you showered as well prior to swimming.
If no one is in your lane from the previous Lap Swimming block, you may enter the water early and lengthen your swim.
If there is a swimmer in your lane, please wait until you are instructed by a pool employee to begin your swim.
At the conclusion of your allotted reservation time, you may continue swimming if/until no other swimmer appears in your lane.

The showers and restrooms are available for use by the general public. There are no lockers, but there are individual tubs at the end of each lane to store your clothing and valuables in while swimming.

The Boulder Elks Pool is a private facility that is open to the public. As a private business, we reserve the right to refuse service, admission and reservations to any individual who does not adhere to any written or verbal instruction, signage or website instruction.

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