The Boulder Elks Pool reopened (again) as a reservation-only, non-contact

lap swim facility on Friday, May 29, 2020. In July, we will also open as a Community Pool,

hosting families under a specific set of guidelines and protocols to keep our friends safe while

enjoying much of what the Boulder Elks Pool & Patio has to offer.

As we navigate the reopening of commerce in the state and our beloved city, we find ourselves accommodating a wide variety of user groups who are all trying to get into the water. The summer of 2020 is different than any other summer in our history, and we are navigating the various needs of the city, athletes young and old, the Elks and community families that have fond memories of spending their summers at the Elks Pool.

If you are going to swim a lot of laps this summer, take advantage of our LAP PACKAGES and save on multiple bookings.  We are also offering our SUNRISE SETS; time slots designed specifically for athletes who are already in the water before my alarm goes off. You will enjoy a highly competitive pool and a special lap rental rate. Additionally, we will be honoring our Frontline medical workers with Free Sunday morning swims in our FRONTLINE LAPS program. And, beginning in early July as the weather heats up, how about getting your workout in a little later in the evening with our NIGHT SWIMMING programming.

The Elks pool will also be hosting at least three community groups; Boulder Aquatic Masters, Elevations Athletics, and the youth, water polo program, Rocky Mountain Neptunes.


There are rules in place for everyone's safety, as we are sure you understand. We will train everyone in our protocols and get back into the water safely, protecting all of us while getting the exercise and fun we so badly need and miss


Welcome back to the Elks, the sunshine and the pool. Enjoy the water! 


If you need to reschedule or cancel a reservation, click on the icon by your name up in the header of the website (the hamburger on the mobile site), click on MY BOOKINGS, and follow the instructions to either cancel or reschedule your

reservation to an available date and time.

The Restroom and Showers are open.

We have removed all furniture from the restrooms

to help eliminate the congregation of individuals inside the building. No more than three people should be inside the restrooms at any given time in accordance to social distancing guidelines.

CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY:  If you cancel a booking within 24-hours of the reservation, you will receive a 50% refund. If you cancel outside of 24-hours of the reservation start time, you will receive a 100% refund.

For Community Pool events, no children under the age of 16 will be admitted without direct adult supervision. An accompanying adult must remain at the pool for the duration of the reservation. Children cannot be left unattended.

For as long as the State of Colorado or the City of Boulder are requiring face coverings to be worn

into a business, we will also require that a 

face covering be worn upon entrance and exit,

to and from the pool grounds.

Reservations are mandatory and required to get into the pool. This policy applies for lap swimming, team practices and community pool activities. There are no "walk-ins" accepted. This policy aids contact tracing efforts that come back to the pool.

Please observe and follow all printed, posted

verbal and prerecorded messaging and 

instruction when visiting the pool. All of our steps

taken to protect our staff and are patrons rely

heavily on your participation and adherence.

For the safety of our patrons, family members who register to visit the Elks during community pool hours will all receive a matching wristband to be worn during your visit. This helps our guards help to protect you. Social distancing measures are followed at the pool as is mandated.




- It is best to arrive just a minute or two prior to your scheduled time -

- Please line-up in the staging area on the sidewalk, south of the entry stairs -

- The staging area is clearly marked, lining up in a 5,3,1,2,4,6 configuration -

- After being briefed and checked in, enter the pool with a staff member -

- Once at your lane, Soft Goods go on chairs, Hard Goods on the deck -

- Enter the water at your convenience -

- Pool staff will start a running clock and inform you how long the swim is -

- You may always leave early if necessary -

- Lap Swimming is for Lap Swimming, nothing else -

- Young children must swim with adult supervision - 

- Lap Swimming is not for families. It is not recreational -

- A maximum of two family members may be in a lane together -

3975 28th Street
Boulder  CO  80301
Rob Reynard
Pool & Patio Manager
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