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holiday dip 2023

December 23, 2023, 1-3pm  (weather permitting)

Maybe it's the in-laws. Perhaps the 20-something's nonchalant attitude about helping out with anything. Anything at all. Or if you're like me, you still need a window to shop and wrap those last (or even first) minute gifts.

Hopefully, it's really just your tremendously lovable sense of adventure that propels you out the door with crew in tow to experience one of our most favorite days of the year at Elks Pool; the Annual Holiday Dip!

If you haven't been, you should go. Sometimes it's cold, sometimes it's warmish. Regardless of the weather, the water is toasty warm and the vibe is fantastic!

There will be fires to warm yourself in front of. Hot chocolate to sip and a delicious adult beverage or two to choose from as well.

There's a table to snack from, carols to sing along with, a Santa Claus to whisper to, and a pool to splash around in until your toes and your nose say no more!

EVERY PERSON WHO WALKS IN THE GATE MUST CONTRIBUTE TO OUR EFAA DONATION TABLE. Or, a cash donation would work as well. That's all it takes; give a little and get a lot back!

Happy Holidays. We'll see you on the deck.

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